Since all of our photography at Empire West Studios (EWS) is designed for media placement in the form of magazine covers and layouts, we have developed and trademarked several distinct magazine titles showcasing our photography as well as our models and talent. These beautifully designed and crafted covers and layouts are used by EWS to give agents and clients a crystal clear idea of how our world class talent could enhance their agencies or creative projects. When you show clients what you're capable of doing you get results! These covers are not only on view in our Model & Talent gallery but are shown by our clients in their portfolios as tearsheets and e-mailed by them directly to agencies and clients around the world as an impressive way to book appointments and paying jobs.

In designing the magazine covers and layouts, our focus is not on selling magazines but strictly on EWS photography and talent. Therefore, we spend many hours on image selection, image preparation, color co-ordination, font selection and copy placement to ensure that the mood of the image matches the magazine's individual mission (tag line) and the emphasis is on the photography and talent more than on the title and inside features.

EWS trademarked Titles* include:

  • M & T - Model & Talent Magazine
  • Queen Anne's - For Mom's Dealing with Exceptional Children
  • Hipster - It's a State of Mind
  • Crush - For Girls Contemplating a Young Romance
  • hotteen - For Teens Looking to Make It Happen
  • Man-X - For the Independent Woman
  • Paris - Passion and Desire with an International Flair
  • à la mode - Pour La Femme Active
  • Travelog - New People...New Places...New Things
  • First Take - Empire West Studios' Actors Review
  • A&R - Talent, Record Production, Marketing

*These Titles are trademarks of Empire West Studios, Inc., 2209 W 1st St, Ste 104, Tempe, AZ. They may not be reproduced in any way without written consent from Clayton Hall, Empire West Studios. For those publishers interested in procuring and developing a EWS Title, please contact Clayton Hall, Photographer / President at 480-303-9359, or e-mail ch@empireweststudios.com.