We start hair & make-up promptly at 11 AM the day of your shoot. Therefore, it's important to be on time. Before we begin the day, the balance of your shooting fee and expenses is due. Then the fun begins! Many different types of shots will be made from each look--from beauty close-ups and head shots to full length so there is always a wealth of photographic art to choose from.

It is also important to understand that only you can supply the energy and performance required to make a look come alive. Your ability to draw upon your inner-emotions is key to successful photographs. But, not to worry...this will all be explained to you and you'll have time to practice. However, make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. No standing still on the job at Empire West Studios!


As a prospective model and/or talent, you must separate yourself from the crowd in order to secure representation and to book work and the first place to start is with a stunning portfolio of photographs. Your book will need...what I like to call...the WOW FACTOR! This is achieved primarily through a discipline we call "Performance Photography" which is the exact opposite of posing like a statue. It is, in essence, a performance by the model or talent for the photographer. Typically, it is non stop action which can be either slow or fast, on or off the floor or ground that makes for a spontaneous, non-contrived photograph. Since few would-be or even professional models have been taught how to do this, it is really a breath of fresh air when industry pros see a portfolio of pictures that literally jump right off the page at them. This shows that you reeeeeally have talent and can work free and loose in a professional environment in front of cast and crew. There are also different levels of Performance Photography. If you're doing a headshot for example, a simple, real expression can be a performance. Of course, anyone can just stand up, lean on a tree, sit on a couch or lay on a bed which account for the vast majority of fashion shots these days. But how many can be captured perfectly flying through the air, clothes and hair defying gravity, gorgeous make-up punctuated by a beautiful smile all on a piece of seamless studio paper about 9ft. wide in about a five foot working space? Not many...and veteran agents and clients realize this immediately when looking at your book. Performance Photography done on a piece of background paper in a studio setting is the ultimate test of a model and talent and, if "performed" correctly, will capture the attention every time over all other types of photography. Performance Photography is what we do here at Empire West Studios... so get ready to fly!