If you are the type of person that figures..."if they like me that much...they should pay for my pictures"...I highly recommend you keep your day job! your career...your business...the agents job is just to help you market and book yourself. It is the model's or talent's responsibility to get the best professional sales and marketing tools possible and when you're starting your career a great portfolio book and an impressive portfolio website should be considered serious investments.

Once you've signed with an agent, they're going to hand you a list with their "approved" testing photographers. "Testing photographers" are traditionally photographers who are just learning and starting out themselves and looking to build their own portfolios. The "approved" part means their photos are "usable" by the agency but the cost factor will still be in the hundreds of dollars for a session. The problem is that since these are new photographers you may be lucky to get one or two "usable" pictures out of a session...sometimes none. There are some generalist pros that shoot for agencies on the side for extra money, but they still don't specialize in Model & Talent Photography so there's no guarantee of outstanding work and the cost will be, most likely, higher.

Even after you've secured representation, you'll need to prove that you can do the job before a client will book you for serious money. You prove yourself. by showing outstanding photographs in your portfolio and you'll need at least ten to fifteen great shots. With "testing" photographers, it could take you more than a year to put just a "usable" book together let alone a great book, with the cost factor now spiraling beyond your means. The other side of the coin is if you take too long putting an impressive book together, the agency itself will lose interest in working with you and eventually drop you. Getting an outstanding selection of photographs pulled together in a timely manner is of utmost importance if you're serious about a career as a model or talent.

At Empire West Studios with the completion of your portfolio book and magazine layouts, you will not only be ready to get an agent within weeks but you will be ready for client bookings...what we call "client ready"...and we have the success stories and references to back that up! Nobody does it better!

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